Instead of a basement under our headquarters, we use the Ethereum blockchain. Our Archive permanently documents our art and provenance, providing a lasting record of our creations.

Additionally, the blockchain records enhance the interoperability of Scapes art. For example you can take advantage of Scapes art in NFT galleries like Deca, which allows them to paint with Scape elements. This aims to enable creativity and let our brand spread organically.

Every archive piece we mint is a 1-of-1 and fully on-chain. And all our Archive collections are based on the Archive Contract.

Deca Painting

Archive Collections

Scape Elements

A collection of all original Scape traits.
Contract / OpenSea

Animation Elements

Branches by Scapes

A collection of our branches and nests from the builder.
Contract / OpenSea

Animation Branches

Speech by Scapes

A collection of our classic GM and other Speech Bubbles.
Contract / OpenSea

Animation Speech

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