One of the creations we are most proud of is the Scape Builder. With the Scapes Builder, you can add your favorite PFPs to a Scape, add stickers and other decorative elements, and then download the finished creation to use as banner on social media. The Builder is designed to be a fun and creative way for you to showcase your NFT collections and to tell stories using your PFPs. Make your PFPs feel at home in a unique and customizable virtual place.

You got 20 Toadz?
Show them off all at once, !vibe-ing in a swampy scape.
Use stickers to let your PFP(s) say gm, wagmi, or just shout out ENS.
Want to wear noun glasses? Or big shades? Go ahead!

Most importantly: Have fun with it!

Community Integrations

After launching, we added custom community pages to enhance the experience and align it with the project's brand. This allowed us to onboard a large number of projects, resulting in some great collaborations and a lot of fun.

The results from each community are saved in their own sub-section. Additionally, many of our integrations come with custom stickers.

Animated Builds

It gets even crazier. After building a Scape, our Discord bot can record your build and animate the Scape background, providing some amazing opportunities for storytelling and atmosphere.


All of the above developments eventually led us to found Mosaik, a tool to create and express with digital assets.