It began with the idea of creating diptychs, which are combinations of two matching scapes into a single image. This idea quickly evolved into merging-madness.

Our Discord bot now supports the merging of up to 100 Scapes, allowing users to combine scapes horizontally or vertically. The bot uses AI to help users find the best matching Scapes for their desired merge.

On December 22nd, we will launch on-chain merging, which will bring the concept of merging to the actual token.

Infographic Merges

Merging Scapes allows you to create and build your own world, while also crafting a compelling narrative and creating a cohesive Scape.

The Beginnning

The first sign of multiple scapes stuck together to form a story.
Little did he know...

Discord Message Merges

The community started collecting scapes with matching atmospheres and landscapes and stuck them together in custom design tools.

The Bot

All diptychs were made and discovered by hand. ...until out of nowhere, @0xAkuti and @SFrederikL built merger tools.

Discord Chat Merge Bot

Nowadays we are obsessed with merges and the Discord bot makes creating them a breeze. Join the Discord and try yourself.

!ps fade ID IDFade multiple PunkScapes together to form a larger image. Add ? in place of IDs to automatically find matching scapes.
!ps merge ID IDMerge multiple PunkScapes into a large image. Add ? in place of IDs to automatically find matching scapes.
!ps merge IDh IDvFlips scapes in the merge horizentally h or vertically v.
!ps stack ID IDStack multiple PunkScapes into a large image.
!ps grid ...Combine multiple PunkScapes into a large grid.
!ps helpLearn how to use the scape bot commands.
Vertical City Merge


Scape Fades were a natural evolution from Scape Merges, as they allowed for every Scape to be combined with another Scape through the use of merges. This added even more potential and possibility to the merging process.

Scape Fade