Scapes are 10.000 unique places stored on Ethereum blockchain.
Each Scape is randomly composed from a total of 107 traits with multiple hidden varations. On December 20th, Scapes move onchain and will exist as long as Ethereum does.


Scapes capture the Zeitgeist of today.
We're explorers on the edge of technology, on the verge of becoming a spacefaring civilization. Both destruction and inestimable wealth are just around the corner; It's up to us to decide which future we're going to build.

Collection Dynamics


Merging allows you to craft larger, more complex Scapes by combining smaller Scapes together. This enables you to create a wide range of different landscapes and environments, from sprawling cities to lush forests and everything in between.

As you collect more and more Scapes, you can hunt for matching sets and complete your collection, adding depth and variety to your world. For every Scape you add, you advance the story and enlarge your world. Who will build the largest Scape and tell the most compelling story?

Ethereum Island Merge

Trait Variations

As you collect Scapes you'll notice that some traits have multiple variations. For example, you might collect sportscars with or without a spoiler, or a UFO equipped with a laser ray to steal cows. The different variations of traits add depth and complexity to your Scape collecting experience.

UFO Trait Varation Visualized


From the beginning, Scapes had 10,000 continuous dates starting on February 2, 2022 built into their contract - each Scape one Date. Initially, we didn't have a specific use case for these dates in mind, but we knew that we wanted to use them for telling a exciting story. It was the pressure to create a 27-year experience starting on February 2nd that led to the creation of Gallery 27.

Scape Date on OpenSea

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