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Scapes are about NFTs, friends and pixel landscapes.
Let's take a 5-min round trip through the Scape-verse.

Scapes & Friends


Scapes are 10.000 unique places stored on Ethereum blockchain.
Each Scape is randomly composed from a total of 107 traits.
On December 20th, Scapes move onchain to exist as long as Ethereum does.

Scape #1001


Scapes were first announced in July 2021.
The project and its associated token were originally called PunkScapes and were intended to serve as "10,000 homes for the CryptoPunks."

We received much love from other communities, and decided to expand our mission to become a home for all and to make Scapes the most composable NFTs around. This revised mission was also the main motivation behind our rebranding from PunkScapes to Scapes.

OneDayPunks + Scapes


We are the seminal NFT Banner project and innovated on the idea of expending PFPs into complete digital identities with more space to signal who we truely are.

From the beginning, we worked to support and strengthen the entire category and to establish it among the PFP juggernauts. We're proud to be part of what the banner community is today. You can't tell a story without place.

Comparatively, the landscape & banner art collectible space is still tiny. Progress to be made.

Market Cap Statistic PFPs vs Banners

Scape Merges

It began with the idea of creating diptychs, which are combinations of two matching scapes into a single image. This idea quickly evolved into merging-madness.

Our Discord bot now supports the merging of up to 100 Scapes, allowing users to combine scapes horizontally or vertically. The bot uses AI to help users find the best matching Scapes for their desired merge.

On December 22nd, we will launch on-chain merging, which will bring the concept of merging to the actual token.

Infographic Merges

Scape Builder

One of the creations we are most proud of is the Scape Builder.

With the Scapes Builder, you can add your favorite PFPs to a Scape, add stickers and other decorative elements, and then download the finished creation to use as a banner or share as a story on social media.

The Builder is designed to be a fun and creative way for you to showcase your NFT collections and to tell stories using your PFPs. Make your PFPs feel at home in a unique and customizable virtual place.

Gallery 27 is a digital art exhibition that lasts for 10,000 days. It began on February 2nd 2022. Everyday you and the non-human artist Yotukito create a painting together. Everyday we host an auction. Until 2049.

The resulting art is a continuous NFT collection - Twenty Seven Year Scapes. Your bid influences the outcome of the Twenty Seven Year Scape. The final piece is a conversation between you, Yotukito, and the original collection

On our journey we will document the development of AI-generated art, and write our own little piece of art history. Become part of a 10.000 day art experience. Into the unknown. 27 years of art and technology.

Chapter 2

With Chapter II, we added a new level of interactivity to Scapes. We didn't just animate Scapes, but also made them interactive to let you explore, and experience Scapes with more depth.

Chapter II is entirely based on code, and all of the animations, camera movements, and roaming animals you see are created using JavaScript. The best way to learn more about Chapter II is to explore and interact with Scapes yourself.

Scape Radio

What would the world be without music?
Scape Radio is about bringing music to Scapes.

We added 10,000 generative music NFT’s to the original collection.
Each Scape has a corresponding SoundScape - a 64 second piece of algorithmically generated music, created by Ben Cronin.

Scape Radio is the continous listening experience of those 10.000 tracks.

Scape Profiles

Your business !vibe card.
A key feature of many NFTs is the ability to create and maintain a digital identity. Scape Profiles generate a profile that is based on your favourite PFP + Scape.

These profiles are powered by the These profiles are powered by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The more information you store on your ENS domain, the more powerful your Scape profile will be - display links to Twitter, OpenSea, and more.

Switch from a business card to a virtual vibe card.

Multiple Scape Profiles

Integrated marketplace

Scapes have a built-in marketplace that is integrated into the smart contract. This allows users to trade Scapes without relying on external platforms or needing approval from third parties, similar to the way that CryptoPunks are traded.

The marketplace is open source, which means that anyone can fork it or create their own interface. Additionally, the integrated marketplace allows for custom features that are not possible on other platforms today, such as Only-on-Gains-Royalties.

Integrated Marketplace User Interface

New York Fahsion Week x Scapes

On September 14, 2022, we partnered with the renowned designer Vivienne Tam and New York Fashion Week to create the set design for the main stage.

This partnership allowed us to showcase Scapes and their potential for creating immersive and engaging atmospheres, and was a major milestone in our journey to bring Scapes to a wider audience. With the help of Vivienne Tam and NYFW, we were able to create a truly stunning and memorable experience that demonstrated the power and versatility of Scapes.

Scape Archive

Instead of a basement under our headquarters, we use the Ethereum blockchain. Our Archive permanently documents our art and provenance, providing a lasting record of our creations.

Additionally, the blockchain records enhance the interoperability of Scapes art. For example you can take advantage of Scapes art in NFT galleries like Deca, which allows them to paint with Scape elements. This aims to enable creativity and let our brand spread organically.

Every archive piece we mint is a 1-of-1 and fully on-chain. And all our Archive collections are based on the Archive Contract.