Chapter II

With Chapter II, we added a new level of interactivity to Scapes. We not just animated Scapes, but also allow you to interact with them using click, drag, type, and arrow keys to pan, explore, and experience Scapes with more depth. Chapter II is entirely based on code, and all of the animations, camera movements, and roaming animals you see are created using JSON. The best way to learn more about Chapter II is to explore and interact with Scapes for yourself.

With this update, we created a more atmospheric feel for Scapes. This had a major impact on our stage appearance during New York Fashion Week, allowing us to generate a more immersive and engaging experience.

Chapter 2 enables you to explore Scapes in a new way, from calming your minds and racing a car across Europa, to watching a rocket launch into a meteor storm. The possibilities for storytelling and exploration are endless.

How to record your Scape as GIF?